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Certified NASM Personal Trainer & PN-1 Nutrition Coach, Heather Newland is adding Gym Owner to her resume.


Longview, Texas is the home of her superior fitness and nutrition center unlike anything the city has ever seen. Newland has spent most of her life dedicated to her personal nutrition and fitness and has developed a passion for helping others reach their nutrition and fitness goals through her services.


"Axis Fit & Nutrition's(AF) vision is to help others live longer, feel better naturally and learn to appreciate the body, all in a positive mindset," Newland says. "AFs' uniqueness is to provide all the necessary steps in helping people with busy stressful lives be able to fuel the body with the proper nutrition and provide the necessary means to preserve muscle in order to live and appreciate the body for a happier healthier you. AF is for anyone wanting to lose weight, gain muscle or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle in a positive energy and friendly environment. AFs' vision is not only a fitness gym, but it is also a learning facility to help you understand why we should be healthy and appreciate the one body we were given."

Instagram: @hnh558


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"I started working with a PT 10 weeks ago and to say I've changed in more ways then one is an understatement!! Heather challenges me everyday and encourages me everyday!! I feel better than ever!!! If you don't have a Heather in your life... GET YOU ONE!! I'm so glad I did!! Can't wait to see what happens in the next 10 weeks!! Bring it on!"


"I wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of your help getting my body stronger to fight this disease!"

-Current MS Fighter

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