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Meet our NASM certified personal trainer, specialized breath trainer, and veteran Craig Kent. Craig began his career under Mr. Olympia Larry Scott at the age of 18. Treating the mind, body and soul has become Craig’s overall mantra. Throughout his career Craig has trained athletes at the pinnacle of their sports. Professional football players, golfers, and MMA fighters all grace Craig’s roster of clientele. As an avid golf competitor himself, Craig understands what it takes to compete at a high level and WIN!


We are thrilled to welcome Craig Kent to Axis Fit & Nutrition.


For inquiries please call/text (801) 888-3339



Pretty classic example of "you don't know what you don't know" until you start training with Craig. Truly resorting back to the fundamentals of movement and breath to create and build upon a proper training foundation. Ever since I first adopted a routine training schedule I've been trying to find a balance between learning/adapting and just "working out" After regularly training with Craig it's hard to fathom any regression towards the latter going forward.
- Alex

Hello all, I wanted to share my experience working with Craig P. The first time I learned about Craig was in 2015. I was in nursing school and really struggling with several things in my life. I watched a seminar Craig hosted that was talking about ketosis, lifestyle, exercise and many subjects that were important to me. After I watched the video I reached out to him on Facebook and we started working together, the first thing on our agenda was to assess my goals, what I was currently doing and a clear and cut path to get to my goals as safe and efficiently as possible. The way Craig worked with me was setting me up for success, with phone calls to get on track, providing a blueprint of exercises and what a week of eating looks like really helped give me what I needed to get myself in gear and have extreme focus on each task.


Craig is special because he has a genuine caring nature about him and he is capable to help you in more ways than just suggesting a certain diet to follow or exercise regimen to adhere to. He is inspirational because he practices what he preaches and is very open with his experiences and knowledge of not just exercise but life. He brought light to my life in a time where it was very dark and I was just lost with what to do with my health and the best part is he shares how to maintain and continue to build on what you learned by listening to your body.  


The training Craig prescribes is great because it focuses on functionality, useful movements and helps to build endurance. Lastly I want to say that I am so grateful to Craig because he helped me stop doing many things that I considered a necessity in order to function. Since I started working with Craig he has helped me stop abusing caffeine (pills, pre workout), I also stopped drinking pops (diet). These are just a few things I thought I would never kick the habit and would continue forever but with Craig’s guidance I was able to focus on nutritional, helpful things for my body so That it can perform at an optimal level. Thank you Craig ffor everything you have done from me and my family. I am forever grateful.  

-Vernon A.

Consistently evolving as a trainer/coach, Craig is on the cutting edge of all things Health and Wellness. His multi faceted approach includes a focus on the importance of mind and body balance. Including hydration and nutrition, functional movement mindfulness and strength training.  Craig is driven by his innate need to share knowledge and help others. As a trusted trainer and a friend, I could not recommend Craig more.  

-Brett R.

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