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Yoga Warrior founder Cyndy Smitherman has always enjoyed exercise and the many benefits it offers the body.  Over the years she’s incorporated several styles of physical training to challenge herself. Cyndy began to practice yoga 15 years ago as a way to stretch and lengthen the body.  Going through the Yoga & Ayurveda Center Program, she discovered a deeper meaning of her practice which combined strength, balance, and mindful awareness with each movement and breath. Cyndy is excited to share this knowledge at Yoga Warrior. She wants students to feel empowered in their practice through the challenges they conquer on and off of the mat.   Being a warrior doesn’t mean you always win, but you will always fight.  She’s learned in yoga that mastering an asana (yoga pose) is a journey not a destination. Each attempt on the mat provides freedom from expectations we hold onto and brings positive energy we need to overcome daily battles whether it be mental or physical.


Cyndy Smitherman offers classes from Gentle flow, a slower paced sequence great for beginners to more challenging Vinyasa flow. She continues her studies daily so that she can offer the best yoga experience possible.



Instagram: @CyndySmitherman


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